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Unlock the Promise of Web Services and
Component Reuse

Assembling applications using standard components and Web services can yield substantial business benefits. Yet existing technology for connecting these components together increases integration challenges, resulting in "glue code" that is more complex than the components and services being integrated. Is it any surprise that integration is the riskiest part of application development?

DigiSlice AppComposer™ brings visual authoring development to standards-based Web service and component architectures, solving integration problems and delivering the business advantages of components and services. With AppComposer, not only are components reusable, but so are the smart behaviors - the glue code used by AppComposer to connect components together.

Existing integration technologies are based on scripting languages like Visual Basic. While providing fast interactive application assembly, these solutions introduce their own reliability and performance issues. AppComposer is the only solution that provides all the advantages of scripting languages with none of the disadvantages. You can edit live applications while they are running, and avoid tedious edit / compile / deploy cycles - and yet the resulting applications are 100% Java.

AppComposer goes far beyond existing integration solutions - even those provided by scripting solutions like Visual Basic - with powerful, but simple to use, advanced features like behaviors, used to write glue code like Java classes are used to write components, and capsules, used to control the complexity of large applications while promoting even greater reuse.

Rapid Application Assembly

DigiSlice AppComposer™ enables your component reuse strategy through a visual authoring and integration environment designed to accelerate the assembly, modification, and deployment of enterprise applications using EJB, JSP, servlet, and applet-based components. It can be used by both Java and non-Java programmers to rapidly build and modify server- and client-side enterprise applications.

What's New For AppComposer 3

  • Web Services Support - Rapidly assemble Web Services applications. WSDL files can be imported and componentized exposing the services for immediate consumption and integration. AppComposer manages the details of SOAP protocol handling and XML parsing, so you don't have to.
  • EJB 2.0 Support - Within AppComposer you can create and assemble the following EJB 2.0 entities:
    • Stateful session beans
    • Stateless session beans
    • Message driven beans
    • Stateful session beans with SessionSynchronization
      Users are shielded from the complexity of creating and integrating EJBs through AppComposer's visual authoring interface.

  • Component Hot Loading - Dynamically add components and begin using them immediately. Adding a JAR file to the beans folder or importing an EJB or Web Service will update the component palette, allowing you to author with those new components.

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