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DigiSlice's AppComposer product is an application assembly environment that can speed your development integration time. It enables your component reuse strategy by leveraging existing component and development-staff assets and by accelerating your ability to assemble, modify, and deploy enterprise Java applications.

Before you can use AppComposer, you need a license key. A key can be generated for you after you have registered by simply filling out the form on the right. An evaluation key with your email address will be generated and will be sent to the email address that you supply.

Once you have registered, you will be given links where you can download installable applications.

Once you have installed the application onto your workstation you will be required to enter the license key that was generated for you and sent to your email address.

Types of License Keys

AppComposer is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. However, we do require that you get a regular license key in order to use it.

You can also get a 60-day evaluation license key for our Enterprise Upgrade. Getting this license key also gives you a link how you can download a version of AppComposer with this upgrade installed. If you wish to purchase a full license for our Enterprise Edition, please contact

DigiSlice Privacy Statement

DigiSlice respects your privacy and will not sell or give your personal information (including your email address) to any other person or company. In addition, we will only contact you if you check a box that indicates that you want to be contacted by DigiSlice.

If for any reason you wish to have no further contact with DigiSlice, please send an email to

License Type: Full AppComposer License
60-Day Eval of Enterprise Edition
Your Name: *
Email: *

The rest of the questions on this page are optional, but will help us provide better software for you. We appreciate your assistance, and will not sell or give information you provide to us to anyone else.

On what platforms to you plan to use AppComposer? (check all that apply):
Windows 2000 or NT
Windows XP
Macintosh OS X
Other UNIX

Do you develop applications for (check all that apply):
Your own use
Use by others in your organization
External use or sale

Do you consider yourself a (check all that apply):
Web page developer
Scripter (Perl, Python, VB, JavaScript, etc.)
Programmer, other than Java
Java programmer
J2EE programmer
SQL developer
System Integrator
Early adopter

What is your experience with software reuse? (check all that apply):
I reuse software from other applications I've written
I reuse software from other programmers in my organization
I reuse software from outside vendors
I use JavaBeans
I use Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
I use Web services
I develop components or Web services
My organization has a policy for software reuse
My organization sells reusable software components and services

What kinds of applications do you build? (check all that apply):
Intranets / Portals
Enterprise (ERP, BPM, SCM, CRM, SFA)
Rich (fat) client apps
Mobile apps
Rich media apps
Other (please specify)

What software do you currently use for JAVA development/deployment?
(check all that apply):
IBM WebSphere
BEA WebLogic
Sun One Studio
Emacs, vi or other text editor(s)
Other (please specify)

Where did you hear about AppComposer?

Can you tell us a little about the project(s) for which you plan to use AppComposer?

Number of developers at your company/organization location?
Less than 5
Between 5 and 15
Between 15 and 50
More than 50

Please add any comments you might have:

I would like to receive DigiSlice news, software update announcements, and other related information

I would like to be a beta program participant to test future AppComposer releases

I would like to be contacted by a DigiSlice sales representative

I would like to develop and sell components or Web services to be used with AppComposer (please describe in comment box, above)

Job Title
Postal Code:

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