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AppComposer has documentation for every kind of user. If you are the kind of person who likes to read about a product before you use it, start with the Getting Started Guide. If you are the kind of person who likes to examine projects built by others, start with the Example projects. And if you just like to throw yourself into it and build something, start with the Tutorials. Be sure to read the Release Notes, too. The User Guide and Component Specifications are valuable reference documents as you use AppComposer.

Use this table of quick links to find the documentation you need. Scroll down this page for a summary of what each document contains:

Manuals and Guides Online Tutorials General Docs and References
Installation Guide Introductory Tutorial Release Notes
Getting Started Guide Using SQL Actors Examples
User Guide Using Enterprise JavaBeans Library Catalog
  Creating Session EJBs FreeMarkerBean Notes
  Mutual Fund Tutorial Component Specifications
    Java API Specifications

AppComposer Manuals and Guides

The documents in this section are traditional, indexed user manuals in PDF format.

Installation Guide — Information intended to help you install AppComposer and find information that will help you get to know the product. Includes sections on installation, documentation, conventions and more.

Getting Started Guide — AppComposer is designed for component assembly, which is different from traditional programming models. This guide explains underlying concepts to help you come to a rapid understanding of the AppComposer assembly model. Designed in short, concise sections, this guide is highly recommended reading for new AppComposer users.

User Guide — The User Guide contains detailed information on most aspects of AppComposer. This guide includes a chapter on building web applications and a reference guide to the AppComposer user interface. It also contains several chapters focused on working in AppComposer with specific technologies, such as databases, EJBs and JSPs.


AppComposer Tutorials

AppComposer ships with several tutorials, designed for the needs of a spectrum of users. First time users looking for an introduction to getting around in AppComposer might enjoy the Introductory Tutorial. See the Mutual Fund Tutorial for a better understanding of how you can use AppComposer to rapidly assemble an application from pieces built by various members of your web development team. Other tutorials allow you to walk through working in specific development areas with AppComposer. To see a menu page for the tutorials, click here.

Introductory Tutorial — a collection of short tutorials showing how to build various types of projects using AppComposer.

Using SQL Actors — a simple tutorial that provides experience working with the AppComposer SQL actors.

Using Enterprise JavaBeans — a simple tutorial showing you how to import and work with EJBs in AppComposer.

Creating Session EJBs — walks you through creating simple stateless and stateful session bean capsules, and deploying them to an EJB server.

Mutual Fund Tutorial — In this tutorial you build pieces of a web site for Reliance Mutual Funds, a fictitious investment company. Your data people have provided the database and the EJBs, and your graphic artists have built the front end. Your job is to use AppComposer to build the glue that binds the pieces together.


General AppComposer Documentation and References

Release Notes — Information about this release of AppComposer, including new features, known issues, and other important product notes which may not be covered elsewhere in the documentation.

AppComposer Examples — descriptions of example programs that come with AppComposer and steps necessary to run them. These programs show off different features and capabilities of AppComposer, and are an excellent learning tool.

AppComposer Library Catalog — A catalog of the library that comes with AppComposer. This library includes a number of applications that you can modify to meet your needs, and many components that you can use to add functionality to an existing application, or to build a new application from scratch. Also contains information on how to add new components to AppComposer.

AppComposer Component Specification — JavaDoc documentation for actors (components and capsules) that come with AppComposer. You can also access this documentation from inside AppComposer. From AppComposer, click on the component for which you want information, then click the Object Info tab at the bottom of the Properties area. You can use the same procedure to view online documentation for standard Java classes and components by setting the JDKDocsDirectory preference. See the Getting Started Guide for more information about setting preferences.

Java API Specification — Link to Sun's JavaDoc documentation for standard Java classes and components.


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