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Scenario 2:
Intranet Applications

Conway Sult makes his living consulting for medium to large companies who are implementing Intranets. These companies have large numbers of client-server systems and most even have a few transaction processing (TP) systems, based on CICS. They use these to run both their front-end and back-end systems, including purchasing, inventory, accounts receivable, human resources, customer management, and others. Each kind of business also has some specialized systems; for example, banks have banking systems to support their tellers, and so on. There is a wide range of systems, some running on PC's, some on mainframes, some on network operating systems (mainly Novell NetWare, UNIX, and Windows NT). Now these companies are trying to give wider access to these systems through a company intranet.

Conway has lots of work, and is making a reasonable living, but he isn't getting rich. Worse, the work is not challenging anymore, since he feels he is writing the same kinds of programs over and over.

Then he discovers Spin. He quickly finds that most system vendors already have components that interface to their systems. For example, he finds components that interface to CICS from IBM, components that interface to Netware from Novell, and so on. Using these components and Spin, it is far easier for Conway to build custom solutions for each company.

With his growing arsenal of components, Conway starts putting together packaged solutions for specific kinds of businesses, like banks, manufacturers, retail stores, insurance companies, etc. Spin is so easy to use that he can sell these solutions to businesses, and his customers can customize the solutions themselves, saving lots of time and money for everyone.

Conway's solutions are a huge success. He is now making ten times more money, while working less. He even has time to turn his attention to more interesting problems, like supply chain management (SCM) and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

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