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Zat, Inc. Acquired by WebGain.

For further information on the acquisition:

Zat and Spin are the subject of a feature article from Sun. See what others think about Spin, including our customers.

The latest release of Spin bundles a development version of the PointBase database, so you can create database enabled Web apps right out of the box. Hundreds of other improvements, too.


Spin awarded "Programming Tool of the Year"!

Spin triumphs over conventional programming tools, including such heavyweights as IBM VisualAge, Microsoft J++, and Borland JBuilder.

From the award:

Programming: Zat's Spin
The tool that really caught our eye this year (a tool that even Randal Schwartz likes) is Zat's Spin. Zat has blended some of the best of JavaBean development tools with an integrated web server that helps make visual development, as well as debugging servlets, a snap.

Here's the full article.

Spin rated !
In top 5% of Java Applications

Spin used to create special effects for the movie "All the Rage" staring Jeff Daniels, Joan Allen, David Schwimmer, and Gary Sinise.

See the full review of Spin in the July 1999 issue of WebTechniques magazine

Zat at JavaOne!

Zat gave an hour-long talk and demonstration of Spin at JavaOne — the Java Developer's Conference — in June 1999, to a large and enthusiastic crowd.

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Spin for Macintosh (25 Feb 1999)

Spin Announcement (2 Feb 1999)




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