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Spin™ is the Tool for the Internet Convergence.

Prior to the Internet Convergence there were many more distinctions. Spin is a new kind of tool, an Internet Rapid Application Development Environment. But depending on what you did before the Internet Convergence happened, you might think of Spin as a server-side application development tool, a rich media authoring tool, or a system integration tool.

If you are looking at Spin from one of these viewpoints, read on to see how Spin will change your life.

Server-side Development

Server-side Development

You know that the Internet will move your business to the next level (and probably save it in the process). You might be trying to build an ecommerce web site. Or you are an IT developer in a business; a business that you are dragging kicking and screaming toward the Internet.

You crave a tool that will make it an order of magnitude faster and easier to create server-based enterprise applications, without all that nasty CGI programming. And these applications will be accessing legacy systems such as databases and TP systems. You need Spin, so you can stop spending your time trying to hire teams of programmers that you suspect may not actually exist.

See why Spin is the answer to your dreams, and more.

System Integration

System Integration

As a consultant you may think of yourself as a software developer, but you spend most of your time doing system integration. A hundred companies have your phone number on speed dial, not to mention several headhunters, and you turn away more business than you accept. But you seem to be doing the same tasks over and over again, and while you are making a good living, you aren't getting rich, and you are working way too hard.

Each new job is similar to the last one, but you don't seem to be able to reuse much of the work you have done from one job to the next. You've tried building a packaged solution that you could sell, but it wasn't flexible enough to meet the needs of enough customers to be worthwhile. Surely there must be a way to leverage your expertise so you can spend more time doing what is really important (and what you really enjoy), and coincidentally make a lot more money. You need to be able to create reusable components and packaged solutions that are customizabile enough so that they can be adapted to each company's unique and evolving needs.

See why Spin is a win-win situation for you, your clients, your pocketbook, and your sanity.

Multimedia Authoring

Rich Media Authoring

You are a web site designer, a courseware author, or a multimedia author. Your tools are Director, mTropolis, or one of a number of CBT authoring tools, but you are always looking for something more powerful and flexible. You want to Internet-enable your projects, but you've found it best to leave that kind of thing to the programmers.

See why Spin is more powerful and flexible than you ever thought possible.



The Internet is such an integral part of your life that you can't remember what it was like before the convergence. You have sensed for a while now that you needed a tool like Spin, but you may have given up hope of ever finding it. But now that it is here, you are ready to take the Internet to the next level.

Here are scenarios that show only a few of the ways that Spin will change the Internet.

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