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An increasing number of enterprises are turning to outsourcing as a solution for implementing complex eBusiness systems. DigiSlice Solution Services focuses on driving down IT costs and supporting revenue growth - our customers benefit from the power of enterprise applications without having the responsibility of implementing them.

The challenge for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) is that they're just as complex as large organizations, but they're trying to do it all faster, with fewer people, and with less money. As a result, SMBs need a unique solution that allows them to achieve their goals and not overburden their staff. Some companies attempt to develop their own in-house solutions but fail because they have neither the expertise nor the time to develop these solutions. And that's really what we've tried to do with DigiSlice Solution Services - bring the best of web-based business products together with the fixed-cost implementation, training, and support services to allow a SMB to realize the rewards of eBusiness solutions.

Our focus is to help SMBs achieve the following goals:
  1. Design, develop, and deploy enterprise eBusiness solutions
  2. Identify, contain and reduce IT costs
  3. Accelerate and realize ROI
  4. Build flexibility, agility, and resilience into the business
  5. Retain core business focus
  6. Reduce IT risks, and technology expertise and skills issues
Who We Are

We are a team of industry experts in software project management and web-based software development. Our commmitment is to deliver high quality, user-friendly solutions to our customers. Our team has years of significant experience delivering mission critical eBusiness solutions.

Our core strengths include:

  • Programming Languages: HTML/DHTML, Java, J2EE, XML
  • Databases: HSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Design Methodologies: Component-based development, Extreme Programming
  • Web Architectures/Frameworks: J2EE architecture design, Struts
  • Servers: Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic

What We Do

We work with small and medium sized businesses to develop, implement, and release web-based eBusiness solutions. Our goal is to help business and IT teams accelerate and realize ROI with custom web solutions. These solutions focus on increasing sales, promoting marketing campaigns, improving customer relationships, and managing sales and orders. Since our solutions are web-based, the solution suite automates several business operations which allows businesses to earn money 24/7. The end-to-end marketing solutions include the integration of web content management, eCampaigns, and contact management. These modules work together to enable a business to manage web-based marketing 24/7. The end-to-end sales solutions allow businesses to offer, complete, and process orders 24/7.

For our customers, we offer pre-packaged AppComposer suites which target different small business industries. These suites contain most, if not all, of the functionality a business requires to increase market share and be competitive. For customers who require additional features, we leverage the power of AppComposer to customize our systems to fit their needs.

Our solutions include:

Why Work With Us

We offer pre-packaged eBusiness suites with set pricing. These suites are designed to help our customers get what they really want: an all-in-one eBusiness solution suitable for their industry.

Our solutions are developed and packaged with AppComposer, a visual authoring tool for web applications. This packaging allows us to rapidly assemble prototypes to help our customers determine their needs, to quickly build and deploy custom applications, and to provide our customers with a tool to customize the application on their own.

Our benefits include:

  • Pre-packaged, price-fixed eBusiness solutions
  • Customizable eBusiness solutions
  • Solutions bundled with AppComposer to enable future customization and development
  • eBusiness solutions that help increase sales and manage systems 24/7

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