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Writing Your Own Components for Spin

This Manual is being updated.

This manual is for programmers who are writing new Spin components in Java. You can also create new components directly in Spin, without programming.


Introduction to JavaBeans

  What is a JavaBean?
  Other References

Bean Interface

  Properties - Exposing bean settings
  Generating Events - Announcing when something has happened
  Methods - Defining the bean's functionality

Requirements: Qualifying to Be A Bean

  Construction - No-Argument Constructor
  Serialization - Saving A Bean
  Deserialization - Loading A Saved Bean
  Externalization - Manually Reading and Writing Beans

Advanced Bean Customization Options

  PropertyEditors - Customizing the Editing Of Individual Properties
  BeanEditors - Providing an Editor for an Entire Bean
  The BeanInfo Interface - Tying it All Together

The MANIFEST File - Restricting The Visibility of Classes In Your .jar File

Writing Spin-Friendly Beans


MyLine: a lightweight visual bean

Download zip archive