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Zat, Inc. has been acquired by WebGain, Inc.

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SPIN enables you to assemble custom Web applications with its unique features:

  • build servlets, applets, and full distributed apps including N-tier and client-server applications
  • revolutionary technology for the Internet makes component integration "a snap"
  • built-in Web application server for fast debugging
  • integrated object-relational database
  • powerful scripting with Java
  • create advanced e-commerce sites, and Web front-ends for legacy applications and databases

See why Spin was awarded "Programming Tool of the Year" over stiff competition!

Read the feature article on Spin from Sun.

Spin rated in top 5% of Java Applications!

"Spin is the first product that allows me to say yes to those 'impossible' requests from clients who don't understand what it takes to create customized web apps. Spin is limited only by the creativity of its users."
— Daniel deMoulin, Director of New Media, Rosen/Brown Direct and President, Active Media Group, Inc.

"In the face of mushroom-like growth´s Web space, Spin helps developers in three major ways: reduced development time, reusable components, and easy customization and personalization for individual clients."
— Sheldon Philips, USWeb/CKS

"Zat has solved tremendous problems to make Internet app development a matter of days and weeks, instead of months and quarters."
— Matt Harris, Director, Enron Communications Ventures and Former Marketing Manager, Netscape

"It's great. I want one now."
— Randal Schwartz, coauthor of Programming Perl and columnist for Web Techniques

"An extraordinary tool."
— Alan Kaiser, media library creator for Myst and You Don't Know Jack the Netshow)

"The Zat product provides the best implementation I have seen to date. ... We believe that Spin has the potential to become a dominant authoring tool for the Internet."
— Bill Stewart, Project Lead, Quicktime for Java, Apple Computer)

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