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PORTLAND, OR — February 25, 1999 — Zat, Inc., a provider of standards-based visual development environments and authoring tools, today announced Macintosh support for Spin, the companyís premier Internet application authoring tool. Spin 1.0 for Macintosh makes it possible for teams of content developers to use a mix of Windows and Macintosh machines when authoring Internet applications. Spin 1.0 for Windows 95/98/NT was announced earlier this month.

"Cross-platform authoring has long been a dream of content developers," said Wm Leler, chief technology officer and a founder of Zat. "With Spin, you can develop content that transparently runs on dozens of platforms without alteration. In addition, the authoring tool itself runs on multiple platforms, so content developers donít have to purchase multiple versions to author for multiple platforms."

"The Zat product provides the best implementation I have seen to date," said Bill Stewart, project lead of Quicktime for Java at Apple Computer. "Based on our knowledge of existing and emerging tools, we believe that Zat's product has the potential to become a dominant authoring tool for the Internet."

Spin 1.0 is the first authoring tool for Internet applications that enables development of both server- and client-side applications by non-programmers. The new product leverages the simplicity of the JavaBeans architecture and a revolutionary authoring technology to make it possible for professionals such as web designers and businesspeople to create interactive, distributed applications for Ecommerce, intranets, entertainment, and education.

"Spin is written in Java, so we are able to use the same code for our Macintosh and Windows products," said Philip Goward, VP of Engineering and a founder of Zat. "With the identical application running on both Macintosh and Windows, Spin provides a stable and robust solution for what has been a real stumbling block for content developers."

Price and Availability

Spin Developer Release is priced at $495 and is available immediately. Purchasers of the developer release will receive a free upgrade to Spin 1.0, available in late summer, 1999. The estimated retail price of Spin 1.0 is $1,495. Multi-user licenses for Spin 1.0 are also available. Spin Developer Release 1.0 for Macintosh requires MRJ (Macintosh Runtime for Java) 2.1, freely available from Apple. Spin 1.0 supports Win95, WinNT, and Macintosh as development platforms. Applications developed with Spin can be deployed on virtually any operating system that includes a Java Virtual Machine.

Zat, Inc.

Zat, Inc. is a provider of standards-based visual development environments and development tools for non-programmers and software developers. Zat was founded in 1997 by Dr. Wm Leler and Mr. Philip Goward. Dr. Leler is a former software developer and manager at Autodesk, Tektronix Research Labs, Cogent Research, and Texas Instruments. Mr. Goward is a former manager at ParcPlace Systems and Presidio Systems and developer of several successful software products. The company is privately funded and headquartered in Portland, OR. Zat can be contacted at 503-228-6225,, or at Screen shots of Spin are available on the Zat web site.


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