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Many small and medium sized businesses (SMB) have not invested in the new technology to enable best-practice business processes. Some SMB are running the same business processes today as the ones they used twenty or thirty years ago. The challenge is that these companies have undergone tremendous growth and structural change in that time - and not having new business processes is constraining their ability to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies. Web-based solutions are critical to improving business operations because of the cost savings that result. These solutions are easier for them to deploy and support since they are central server-based systems. This translates into lower desktop hardware, configuration, and support costs; reduced training costs; and lowers the time and cost of implementation.

DigiSlice offers businesses the pre-packaged AppComposer eBusiness suite aimed at helping SMBs to begin using eBusiness solutions quickly. This solution suite integrates all the features a small and medium sized business needs to increase sales, gain market share, drive marketing campaigns, manage customer relationships, and manage sales and orders. Since this solution is web-based, the solution suite automates several business operations which allows businesses to earn money 24/7. The end-to-end marketing solutions include the integration of web content management, eCampaigns, and contact management. These modules work together to enable a small business to manage web-based marketing 24/7. The end-to-end sales solutions allow businesses to offer, complete, and process orders 24/7. The result is that SMBs can begin generating sales and revenue 24/7, instead of the traditional business model of 9-to-5.

In addition to our AppComposer eBusiness suite, customers can purchase now or plan for add-on modules that will advance their sales and marketing operations. If our customers have additional requests, we can use AppComposer to customize the solution to deliver the product you want.
Feature Modules
The following table lists the feature modules which are included in AppComposer eBusiness Suite or can be added-on and customized.

Module Description AppComposer eBusiness Suite
Core web content management Add, update, and delete content on web site. Publish/unpublish content. Save unpublished content for future use. Flexible permission system allows teams of people to share the content management responsibilities. Automatic email notification of new content to editors. Plus many other features. Included
Advanced web content management Advanced site search engine. Statistical analysis on page views. Create and manage calendar events, survey results, and other database-driven features. Plus many other features.
Core eCommerce Temporary (customer not logged in) shopping carts. Secure transactions with SSL. Credit card authorization (requires merchant account). Integration with FedEx and UPS shipping and handling systems. Automatic email notification of order status changes. Plus many other features. Included
Advanced eCommerce Customer account creation and management. Customer address books that hold customer billing and shipping information. Temporary (customer not logged in) and permanent (customer logged in) shopping carts. Search catalog for products and/or manufacturers. Multiple purchasing channels offer the customer the ability to place their orders via phone, fax, or mail. Orders are maintained in one system. System logging of customer views generates reports of popular products and services. Plus many other features.
eCommerce reporting Real-time online order reports, profit reports, and shipping reports for any specified time period. Statistical reports of product interest based on page views and orders. Analysis of search terms shows what customers are searching for. Customizable reports allows you to get information you want. Plus many other features.
Order Fulfillment & Management Manage and process orders from eCommerce. Search orders and/or customers with custom search criteria. View order history. Plus many other features. Included
Core CRM Sales Access and manage customer account information. Track customer interactions. Search customer database for leads and opportunities. Plus many other features.
Core CRM Marketing Create and manage eCampaigns. Integrate emailing and eCoupon campaigns with customer preferences to increase the response ratio and associated sales. Plus many other features.
Core CRM Technical Support Manage customer information. Create and process customer support tickets. Assign support tickets priority and status. Provide communication link between support and product development teams. Plus many other features.
Core eCommerce-CRM Integration Customer and order information shared between two systems. Eliminates data double-entry. Provides more accurate view of customer. Generate sales opportunities from eCommerce data. Improve sales forecasts using better customer data. Plus many other features.
Advanced eCommerce-CRM Integration Integration of eCommerce, sales, marketing, and technical support modules enables you to know your customers. Marketing and sales campaigns can be automated with customer-driven data. System integration automates a subset of your day-to-day marketing, sales, order fulfillment, and technical support responsibilities to increase sales and lower costs. Plus many other features.