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Targeted at the small office/home office (SOHO) business, our 5K solution provides an enterprise-level web solution for a fraction of the cost. We develop and customize content management, eCommerce, and sales fulfillment systems to help you market and sell your products more effectively and efficiently.

Content Management

The content management system is a web solution that enables you to create, modify, and delete content on your web site. You can access the system through any web browser, saving you time and money.

Features include:
    Add, remove, or update information from your website anytime and anywhere.
    Publish or unpublish material. Save unpublished material for a future time.
    Live update of site when material is published.


Features include:
    Shopping cart
    Checkout procedure for customer orders
    Secure transactions with SSL
    Credit card authorization (requires merchant account)
    Integration with FedEx and UPS shipping
    Personalized email notifications inform customers of order status
    Policy editor helps you create shipping, privacy, and return policies
    Integration with Order Fulfillment module

Order Fulfillment

Features include:
    Web-based management of orders
    Secure transactions with SSL
    View new orders
    View order history
    Process orders with order status management
    Automatic email notifications inform customers of order status
    FedEx and UPS integration

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      Content Mgmt enables
          you to market your
          message anytime
      Integrated eCommerce
           and Order Fulfillment
          saves you time
      Analyze customer
           and order data
          for marketing