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July 1, 2003
Portland, OR

AppComposer 3 released for Free

DigiSlice Releases Free Tool for Rapid Java Application Assembly

PRNewswire — DigiSlice Corporation announces
AppComposer 3, a visual development environment for assembling Java
applications. AppComposer can quickly integrate components into full
applications, including Web applications. AppComposer includes a complete
suite of component development and integration features, including a visual
component editor, integrated web server, servlet engine, debugger, scripting
facility, and relational database.

AppComposer developers can create and customize applications faster,
cheaper, and better. Live editing enables real-time testing and feedback,
eliminating the separate edit-compile-deploy-run steps of traditional IDEs.
AppComposer runs all popular platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux,
and Solaris, and applications created with AppComposer can be deployed to any
standard Java environment, including IBM’s WebSphere, BEA’s WebLogic, JBoss,
and Tomcat.

Applications constructed of reusable components promote simplicity,
security, and scalability. AppComposer solves application assembly and
integration problems and delivers on the promise of reusable components and
services. Now all developers and businesses can take advantage of component-
based development. “This advanced technology was previously available only to
large enterprises,” said Dr. Wm. Leler, DigiSlice’s CTO. “To demonstrate our
dedication to component-based software, we are making AppComposer available to
a much larger audience, at no cost.”

Right out of the box AppComposer accelerates the development of all Java

Developers can assemble and deploy complex Web applications an order of
magnitude faster than with other technologies, without learning the
intricacies of Java programming. AppComposer allows users with minimal Java
and enterprise application experience to create and customize complex

In addition DigiSlice offers an Enterprise Plug-in Suite to enhance
AppComposer with support for Web Services and EJBs, including EJB development.

For more information about AppComposer visit the DigiSlice web site at

Download a free copy of AppComposer now at

About DigiSlice Corporation
DigiSlice, based in Portland, Oregon, develops component-based technology
and solutions. Find out more at

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