Mutual Fund Web Application

Requirements Specification

Interface Between JSP and AppComposer Capsules


Login is the main entry point servlet for the mutual fund web application. It supports both GET and POST requests.

GET displays the login form defined by login.jsp

POST processes the username and password, creates a UserAccountManager EJB, and stores the EJB in the servlet session under the name fundUserEJB.

Expected Inputs:

No parameters required for GET request.

For POST request, two required parameters:

Required external capsule callback methods:


offers user form for logging in to system

Action is to POST to login servlet/capsule

two text input fields - username and password

loginError.jsp -

page to display when a login error occurs

uses getErrorString callback to get error message from login capsule.


The summary servlet/capsule displays a table showing the fund holdings of the current user. It handles both GET and POST request in the same way.

Expected Inputs:

Summary expects to find a UserAccountManager EJB stored in the servlet session under the name fundUserEJB

Required external capsule callback methods:


page that displays a table listing the current users fund holdings. It calls the external callback methods for the summary capsule to get the data to fill in the table cells.