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DigiSlice was founded to provide component based technology solutions for enterprise-class applications with the ability to customize and integrate faster, cheaper, and better. The DigiSlice business model is based on the concept that software can be marketed as a commodity product using reusable software components to deliver customizable application solutions. We have done this by utilizing a core technology platform, AppComposer, which we acquired from WebGain in August 2002.

The DigiSlice AppComposer provides an innovative way to develop and assemble applications using, off-the-shelf, reusable Java components.

The DigiSlice solution benefits are as follows:
  • Up to ten times faster custom applications development
  • Reduced development and maintenance costs
  • Higher reliability and faster performing applications
  • Faster time to market and application deployment
  • Elimination of complex "hard coded" component gluing and Java programming
  • Easier graphical business rules and applications environment
DigiSlice products are sold and supported direct or through exclusive engagements with authorized channel sales partners.